About Establishment of the
Tohoku University Sustainability Study Consortium

Tohoku University WISE Program for Sustainability in the Dynamic Earth is establishing the Tohoku University Sustainability Study Consortium, together with the Department of Earth Science and the Department of Geophysics of the Graduate School of Science, as well as the Department of Japanese Studies, the Department of Global Humanities, and the Department of Integrated Human Sciences of the Graduate School of Arts and Letters. The aim is to create a vision of the future toward the establishment of a sustainable society through an industry-government-academia collaboration, as well as promote research, cultivate human resources, and support career counseling for students. With this consortium, we are planning to provide education through an industry-government-academia collaboration as part of the WISE Program for Sustainability in the Dynamic Earth, hold corporate forums for supporting students' job-search activities, and share information on seminars, among many other things. We would like to welcome the participation of businesses and organizations that agree with the objectives of this consortium.

About the Corporate Forum

Company visits to the university provide valuable opportunities for students to consider about their future career paths and the significance of their research. It has been a challenge, however, for the students (especially first-year students in Master's programs) to concentrate on their research, which is indispensable for their skill development. Therefore, this consortium provides a place for information exchange among participating businesses, organizations, and graduate students. By providing such a place at a set date and time, students can not only gain information and feedback efficiently from many businesses and organizations without compromising on their attendance and research activities but they can also broaden their career possibilities by using the forums, which cover multiple majors.

The participating businesses and organizations can expect the number of students attending the forums to increase; at the same time, they will be able to get in touch with students of other academic majors and years to whom they have not had access. We also believe that they can have efficient communication with students in a short period of time through students' poster presentations.

Please see the general information of the Corporate Forum 2020【PDF】 for details.

In this program, we build a new education and research platform of next-generation social engagement through collaboration between industry and academia, and foster skills and individuals needed for the next generation. Collaborations include donations, joint studies, matching internships, and acceptance of corporate researchers.

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